4811foureighteleven was established in Shanghai in 2021. The brand combines sources of inspiration drawn from science fiction, movies, electronic music, retro books, traditional clothing details, etc., to create products that take into account fabrics, functions, tailoring and concepts.

Influenced by a large number of sci-fi literature and art, the world of 4811foureighteleven has a strong retro color, but also looks forward to the future from the perspective of the past. The huge difference between the world we live in and the world that predecessors imagined we live in is thought-provoking and fascinating. Using known information to imagine what humans will look like decades or even hundreds of years later is the subject that the founder wants to explore through clothing.

The founder graduated from Pratt Institute, majoring in fashion design. During his studies, he specialized in menswear design skills, but hoped to use her design to blur the boundaries between menswear and womenswear. She firmly believes that many functional details of traditional menswear can transcend gender in contemporary life. She is dissatisfied with the lack of practicality of women’s clothing, so 4811foureighteleven is committed to creating any gender identity while choosing high-quality and suitable fabrics. Anyone who knows can choose fashion and meet the functional needs of most people, leading the wearer into a fantasy parallel universe.