4811foureighteleven is a Shanghai-based brand founded in 2021. The brand seeks inspirations and influences from a multitude of sources such as everyday life, films, electronic music, vintage publications as well as menswear tailoring. The founder and designer aim to extract bizarre and fascinating details from the world around her, and assemble them into products that give attention to fabrics, functions, cut and concept.

Graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design from Pratt Institute in New York City, the founder focused her time there on menswear. Her works have been published on Vogue, WWD, Schön!, Vanity Teen, New York Magazine and various other publications. She wishes to use 4811foureighteleven as a medium to blur the boundaries between menswear and womenswear because she is unsatisfied with the lack of functional design elements in traditional womenswear, and she believes that many functional details that originally were exclusively seen in menswear designs should not have a gender specification in the age of modernity. Therefore, 4811foureighteleven dedicates itself to create fashion that not only does not limit itself to any specific gender identification, but also satisfy the functional needs of most customers while leading the wearers into the illusion of a parallel dimension.